Help Support a Yard Pastor

Pray for him:

Prayer support is an absolute necessity. Yard Pastors are going into Satan’s playground where the games are revenge, bullying, oppression, intimidation, and abuse. Where hatred, darkness and fear are the unrelenting shadow of gloom that permeates the buildings, cells and yards. Your prayers make a difference.

Write a letter of encouragement:

See our list of Yard Pastors under “About Us” – They would welcome your prayers for them and for the men they are ministering to as well as letters letting them know that you are committing them to prayer.

Support him financially:

Yard Pastors are full-time volunteers who live and preach the HOPE found in Jesus to the “men in blue” inside California prisons. They work to raise funds to support their efforts and living expenses and often fall short of their financial needs. Please consider financially supporting their efforts.