About Us

Pastors to Prisoners is a 501c3 California non-profit organization providing ongoing financial support and discipleship to ordained or licensed Christian ministers. We call them Yard Pastors, because each one serves God in one prison yard, which by themselves can contain up to 1000 inmates. These ministers hear God’s call to work with the incarcerated as full-time volunteers under the direction of prison chaplains in prison facilities. Our ultimate goal for inmates is spiritual freedom in prison, success in society and entry into Christ’s Kingdom.

We believe it is not enough simply to incarcerate lawbreakers. Punishment must include an opportunity for rehabilitation in order to limit the prison population and give offenders an opportunity to make a positive contribution to society. Lasting change comes from the inside out, through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Public monies provide only one Protestant Chaplain per institution to serve upwards of 4000+ inmates on multiple “yards” within each prison.

Pastors to Prisoners believes that each prison yard presents a unique opportunity for Evangelism and Discipleship. A byproduct of our work is that our neighborhoods are safer for our children and families as released inmates become productive citizens, neighbors and Christian brothers rather than repeat offenders.

Yard Pastors give up their full-time jobs to enter into prison ministry becoming the Pastor for that individual yard. The chapel on their assigned prison yard is the church for that yard at that institution and they are the Pastor. While also raising families, the Yard Pastors work to raise funds to support their efforts and often fall short of their financial needs. Often, they have to seek additional employment to close the gap, reducing their hours for pastoring in the chapel. Pastors to Prisoners is working with your support to keep our Pastors at the prison and to expand into more yards and more prisons. Together we are making it happen.